The 50th Golden Anniversary of the Worrell 1000 Race! | May 12-25 2024

The 50th Golden Anniversary of the Worrell 1000 Race! | May 12-25 2024

  • Andy Bovender Team
  • 05/8/24

Come along with us as we celebrate the 50th Golden Anniversary of the Worrell 1000 Race at different checkpoint locations along the East Coast!

With less than a week until the official start on May 12th, we're thrilled that the checkpoints coincide with areas where we sell real estate, and we can't wait to witness the spectacle of catamarans cruising by!

The Worrell 1000 Race is an offshore long-distance beach catamaran sailboat race spanning approximately 1000 miles between Florida and Virginia Beach, VA, with overnight stops along the East Coast. In 2024, twelve teams from six different countries will be racing up the coast over a period of thirteen days, to claim the top spot as the Worrell 1000 Race 50th Anniversary Winning Team.

Join us as we walk you through the checkpoint locations from Florida to Virginia Beach, VA, and discover how our team of expert real estate agents and the entire Compass network work together to cover each of these areas below.

(some images sourced from the official 2024 Worrell 1000 race website)


The race begins in Hollywood, FL on Sunday, May 12th with stops at Jensen Beach, FL, Cocoa Beach, FL, Daytona Beach, FL, and Jacksonville Beach, FL. Looking for a beach house and a great agent in Florida but don't know where to start? Reach out to us and we'll do the research for you! With the Andy Bovender Team at Compass, we have access to a network of over 30,000 agents across the country! We regularly visit other Compass offices, from Boston to Seattle and everywhere in between, growing our network and nurturing relationships with agents from all over.



The next leg of the race stops at Tybee Island, GA on Thursday, May 16th. Tybee Island is just an hour away from Hilton Head Island, SC where you may spot Tori Nasiadka spending time on the beach with her family. If you're interested in learning more about this area, give us a shout!


Racers depart Georgia on Friday, May 17th and continue up the east coast toward Charleston, SC. They'll arrive at Folly Beach, SC in the afternoon/evening that same day. If you happen to be out and about at that time, keep an eye out for the arrival of the catamarans! You might even see Amy Byrne or any one of our other six amazing Charleston team members out walking their dogs, chilling with friends, or enjoying time in the sun with their families.

The Worrell race knows where it's at, and has chosen Folly Beach as their new "Lay Day" stop for 2024! Folly Beach, known as "Charleston's Beach Town," offers a blend of restaurants, shops, history, and adventure, all with a dose of Southern Hospitality, just 9 miles from Downtown Charleston. The racers will stick around for an entire day to explore what we know to be one of the best beach spots around! Head back to Folly Beach on Sunday, May 19th to watch the boats launch the next leg of the race to Surfside Beach, at 10 am. 



Further up the coast, almost to the North and South Carolina border and just south of Myrtle Beach, SC, you'll find the next overnight stop - Surfside Beach, SC. Watch the boats arrive on Sunday, May 19th, or depart for Wrightsville Beach, NC at 10 am on Monday, May 20th.

Crossing over the border into North Carolina and journeying around Bald Head Island, NC, the racers will stop over at Wrightsville Beach, NC, just east of Wilmington. Say hello to two of our team members there: Kristen Lueck and Matt Gladden! Locals to nearby Oak Island, NC, you might just find them checking out the catamarans racing to their checkpoint on the evening of Monday, May 20th! Watch the next leg begin the following morning at 10 am from Blockade Runner Beach Resort.

Heading up past Emerald Isle, NC, the next checkpoint located on Bogue Sound is Atlantic Beach, NC. Racers will arrive on Tuesday, May 21st and the next leg to the Outer Banks will begin at 10 am on Wednesday, May 22nd. Passing Cape Lookout, racers will journey to a new stop on the Worrell 1000: Ocracoke, NC! Ocracoke Island is one of the many islands that make up the popular North Carolina Outer Banks region which includes other popular areas such as Buxton, Rodanthe, Nags Head, and the next stop, Kill Devil Hills. Watch the boats arrive in Ocracoke on the beach located at Lifeguarded Beach, 1/4 mile north of ORV Ramp 72, on the evening of the 22nd, or see them depart for Kill Devil Hills, NC at 9 am the following morning. 



If you haven't visited Ocracoke Island, we encourage you to do so! There is so much natural beauty and history to be found on the island. There are also wonderful shops, restaurants, and so much more to explore.

Kill Devil Hills, NC is the final stretch checkpoint! This town is home to the Wright Brothers National Memorial, where the now-famous brothers took off for the first successful airplane flight, making North Carolina the "First in Flight" state. Racers will arrive in the afternoon/evening of May 23rd. The final leg to finish the race at Virginia Beach, VA will start at 10 am on Friday, May 24th.

Our team member, Erin Thompson, serves the entire Outer Banks region, so whether you're looking for a place to call home (or home away from home) in the lower or upper Outer Banks area, give her a call!



Racers will arrive at the finish line in Virginia Beach, VA on Friday, May 24th! Wow! What an incredible journey these racers will experience! You can follow the teams as they race from Florida all the way up the eastern coast to Virginia with the Worrell 1000 Race's Live Tracking! Discover more at their official website and up-to-date information on their Facebook page.


Thanks for sticking with us on this preview of what's to come for the 50th Anniversary of the Worrell 1000 Race! Keep in mind, The Andy Bovender Team at Compass Carolinas isn't just about real estate; we're deeply passionate about immersing ourselves in the essence of your community. We're particularly excited about the checkpoint locations that align with areas where we sell real estate, and we're eagerly anticipating the mesmerizing sight of catamarans sailing by!


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