SEWE: Southeastern Wildlife Expo in Charleston, SC

SEWE: Southeastern Wildlife Expo in Charleston, SC

  • Patrick Floyd
  • 02/4/24

The Southeastern Wildlife Exposition (SEWE) in Charleston, SC is an annual event that celebrates the beauty and diversity of wildlife and nature. This three-day event, February 16-18, brings together artists, conservationists, and outdoor enthusiasts from around the country to engage in a variety of activities and experiences that showcase the natural world.  

One of the main highlights of SEWE is the incredible display of wildlife art. Talented artists from across the region showcase their work, capturing the essence and beauty of wildlife through various mediums such as paintings, sculptures, and photography. Visitors have the opportunity to admire and purchase these stunning pieces, adding a touch of nature's wonder to their homes.


In addition to the art, SEWE offers a range of educational experiences aimed at promoting wildlife conservation and environmental awareness. Visitors can attend informative seminars and demonstrations led by wildlife experts, learning about the importance of preserving natural habitats and protecting endangered species. These educational opportunities not only inspire a deeper appreciation for the natural world but also empower individuals to take an active role in conservation efforts.

For outdoor enthusiasts, SEWE provides exciting activities that allow attendees to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature. From birdwatching expeditions to fly fishing demonstrations, there are numerous opportunities to connect with the outdoors and gain a greater understanding of the wildlife that inhabits the southeastern region.  



SEWE also features thrilling events such as retriever demonstrations, where skilled dogs showcase their agility and obedience in the field, and falconry displays that highlight the ancient art of hunting with birds of prey. These captivating performances serve as a reminder of the deep connection between humans and wildlife throughout history.  View the full schedule of events here.



The Southeastern Wildlife Exposition is not only a celebration of nature but also a platform for raising awareness about the importance of wildlife conservation and environmental stewardship. By bringing together artists, conservationists, and outdoor enthusiasts, SEWE creates a space where people can come together to appreciate the natural world and work towards its preservation.



For anyone passionate about wildlife, art, and the great outdoors, the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition in Charleston, SC is an event not to be missed. It's a unique opportunity to explore the beauty of nature, support talented artists, and gain a deeper understanding of the importance of preserving our natural heritage.  Online ticket sales are now closed, but here is a list of local places where you can purchase tickets in person.  Ticket costs are $40 for General Admission on Friday and Saturday, $35 General Admission on Sunday, or you can buy a three day pass for $85.  You can view 

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