On Thursday, May 23, The Lucky Duck—an Irish-inspired gastropub—opened its doors in Baxter Village. A couple days before, our team got a sneak peek. Here’s what we found: inventive cocktails; a well-curated wine and craft beer list; and a fresh take on Irish fare. But first, cocktails. We started with the No-Groni: Irish gin, aperol, Noilly Prat sweet vermouth. The vermouth choice made all the difference. It’s spicy (cinnamon and cloves) and still full and fruity. Delicious. We also tried the Cilantro Paloma: tequila, grapefruit tonic, agave, lime, and cilantro. I’ll definitely try to reproduce this extremely fresh take on a margarita… If cocktails aren’t your thing, it has an extensive beer, wine, and soda menu. Try the Boylan hand-crafted sodas, made from cane sugar. All are gluten-free and vegan friendly. The beer menu is stacked with local IPAs, German Kölsches, lagers, blonde ales, and stouts, to name a few. Also expect offerings from England, Ireland, France, Germany, and the Netherlands. Now to the food. We started with the wings, its specialty. We had a choice of six different kinds of sauces, all made in-house. We went with the spicy buffalo with blue cheese foam, which was delicious—the cheese not overwhelming the spice, but complementing it. We were curious about the Malaysian chili sauce so we might give that a try next time. We also had the US Burger: double patties, pickles, American cheese, and special, special sauce. Yes, that’s right. Two specials. And it was—a perfectly-cooked hamburger on a super soft bun with a sauce that struck the right balance between sweet and spicy. Next time we’re going to try the Steak Frites and Fish n‘ Belgian Pomme, both of which are signature items for this eatery. Prices for entrees ran from $16 (the burger) to $26 (the Steak Frites). Five inventive salads are also on the menu, including the Grain + Roots salad: wheat rye, warm kale, butternut squash, smoked tomato, red beets, and champagne vinaigrette. Stop in and see for yourself. 993 Market Street, Fort Mill. Open Sunday-Saturday, lunch and dinner. Outdoor seating. Take-out available.