Born and raised in the small town of Cherryville, NC, Ben never imagined that he’d end up in real estate when he first started college as a chemistry major. He graduated from NC State University and quickly found a position at a major power plant in Virginia. The phrase “home is where the heart is” definitely resonated with Ben and his wife and as such they were always keeping an eye out for a possible move back to North Carolina. Interestingly, it was his experience when selling his Virginia home and buying his home to return to North Carolina that sparked Ben’s passion for real estate. Ben currently lives in Fort Mill with his wife and two daughters and they are expecting their 3rd later this year.

During that process, Ben’s experiences with other realtors exposed a need for a better, more customer service oriented realtor in the market. This prompted his decision to become a realtor with an emphasis on having his clients experience the best possible service. During his research phase of determining where to hang his hat, many people he came across had great things to say about The Bovender Team, encouraging him to apply. Soon after, he received a momentus call from co-owner of The Bovender Team, Debbie Hooker, and the rest, as they say, is history. On joining the team, Ben then met Andy Bovender and the connection was instantaneous. Ben and Andy both share a strong sports background and Ben credits the team culture for why he so quickly acclimated to his new role .

Ben believes that communication is one of the most vital components to a successful real estate experience. He feels his job is to be available to answer his client’s questions, concerns, and ensure that their voice is heard. He tries to put himself in his clients’ shoes when listing a house and dealing with potential buyers thereby ensuring the best result for his clients. When asked for his professional opinion on what makes today’s real estate market challenging for both buyers and sellers, Ben admitted that the market is certainly in favor of the seller, at present. For home buyers, the shortage of homes on the market often creates a situation where multiple offers are on the table and prospective buyers have to compete for good houses. That said, for home sellers, he believes the situation with the market often makes sellers think they can list their homes for exorbitant prices which can often backfire and create a situation where the home sits on the market for multiple weeks. Finding the right balance is what he does best. We invite you to experience the difference that Ben brings to the table for both seller and buyers.