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Plaza Midwood

While affectionately joined together, they are actually two separate communities that share some common streets, leaving most residents unsure where one starts and one ends. There is a designated Historic section to the Midwood community.

Located Northeast of Uptown Charlotte, this is one of the most diverse and eclectic neighborhoods of the area.

Restaurants, art galleries and funky stores can be found in the business district. Small town diners are adjacent to popular night life. “The Plaza” is a tree lined boulevard providing the focus of the neighborhood. Vegan restaurants, local artisan shops and the popular art filled graffiti give this neighborhood a fun vibe that attracts lots of weekend traffic.

The Van Landingham Estate is a gorgeous Inn and Conference Center with stunning gardens and grounds.

Too many fun, delicious places to list them all but here’s a few…

Favorite Diner and hang out:
Eclectic Deli and Bar:
One of the best rooftop patios:
Incredible tapas and cool vibe:
Organic market:

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