This past Tuesday evening I had the privilege of representing The Andy Bovender Team at the 2010 Allen Tate Awards Dinner. Although numerous awards were bestowed upon our team, our greatest accomplishment of the night was receiving the Tier 1 Team Charlotte Regional Sales Award. I couldn’t be any more proud of our team with whom I have had both the pleasure and honor of working with for the past eight years. Ordinarily, I am not someone who likes to brag about my accomplishments but I do believe this is the time for me to make an exception to that rule. I truly believe that I work with top agents who have the education, experience and work ethic that has propelled our team to being the number one team at Allen Tate. As everyone knows the past two years have been very difficult in real estate industry. Throughout it all, I have seen our team meet the challenges of the ever changing market with innovative ideas great enthusiasm. According to Pat Riley, President and Chief Operating Officer of The Allen Tate Company, we have reached the bottom and the next several years will be more positive for real estate. I look forward to this time knowing I am a member on the number one team for the number one real estate company in the Carolinas, The Allen Tate Company.