I had the privilege of attending a great program yesterday in Uptown Charlotte on the changing demographics in the world and their impact on the Real Estate Industry.  The focus was on the impact to the United States as well as he also spent some time on our home state NC.  Dr. Johnson has a great slide presentation with excellent statistics to backup the forecasts.  I especially enjoyed that, because we use statistics so much in our day to day work as well, and do believe the numbers tell you everything.  It was not only very interesting to see how our state, our country, and the world will likely look demographically, in the years ahead.  My question is what will companies and governments do to adjust and/or embrace these changes?  Here’s a link to Dr Johnson’s presentation online below.

Here’s a quick intro from the Urban Land Institute Website:Two powerful and “colorful” demographic forces—the “browning” and “graying” of America—will profoundly re-shape the residential and commercial real estate markets in the years ahead. More specifically, heightened immigration from Latin America and Asia combined with the aging of the native born population (especially the post WW II baby boom generation) will dramatically transform the age, racial and ethnic, and gender composition of the U.S. population, creating a demand of more residential and commercial spaces that reflect the consumer tastes and preferences of rapidly growing ethnic minority groups; new residential, commercial and retail spaces for an aging population; and communities that promote active living and healthy eating by design.
James H. Johnson, Jr., PhD
Director, Urban Investment Strategies Center
Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill