Rent vs Buy Rankings  – Charlotte, NC ranks as a “Buy” city in’s Rent vs Buy Report that came out just days ago.  In addition to Charlotte, NC, Raleigh, NC also ranked as a “Buy” city in Trulia‘s report.  Some cities didn’t fair as well as Charlotte and Raleigh, but overall, more than 72% of major US cities ranked as being more affordable to buy a home versus renting. 

Charlotte Skyline Photo courtesy of jacreative

If you didn’t already know it was better to buy versus rent, well here’s just another great report to pass along to those you think may need some more convincing.  With inventories still at high levels, depressed prices, low mortgage rates, tax benefits to owning, and the economy appearing to be turning the corner, this is an amazing time.  If you need more convincing, we’d love to meet with you and show you why Charlotte is a great “buy” decision.  If you are ready, and want to take advantage of the many great opportunities out there, please give us a call today at 704.625.6127.  Or you can visit our team at