Our Story

It all started a long time ago, with a crazy dream of selling thousands of homes, making lots of people happy, and possibly earning a living doing so.

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Our Story

It all started a long time ago, with a crazy dream of selling thousands of homes, making lots of people happy, and possibly earning a living doing so. Well it turns out not to be exactly that easy!

In 2000, “Andy” followed his wife Amy’s footsteps into the real estate profession, joining Allen Tate Realtors and that was where it all began. After the birth of their first child, Amy stepped away from real estate and Andy continued to build his business.

A few years later, “Andy” met Deborah Hooker, co-founder of the team, while they were on call-time at their current Providence Road Office assisting walk-ins and callers with their real estate needs. “Debbie” had recently relocated to Charlotte with her family and loved the area and her agent so much, that she decided to explore the real estate profession. After discussions with friends, family, and her agent Judy, it was clear that this was definitely the career she wanted to pursue. During their call time, “Debbie” received a great seller call looking for a top producing team to interview along with other companies they were interviewing. “Debbie” looked over at “Andy”, asked if he would assist her to help win this listing and “Andy” said definitely.

They competed against several long-time veterans in the industry and did their very best and low and behold won the business and the rest is history.

“Andy” and “Debbie”, sharing similar goals and priorities decided focusing on each other’s skill sets and partnering up was the best way to serve their clients and grow their business. So, they hired their first assistant and their business started to grow. In addition to their general real estate business, they were also hired by a local builder to be their sales team, further expanding their clientele and the need to grow. They came to the decision of whether to bring on more staff, or expand their partnership into a team which was a new concept in the industry. They agreed that a team was the best approach to best serve their clients and reach their long term goals. In 2008, while the market was declining, “Andy” and “Debbie” had the opportunity to open their second team office in Baxter Village and did so without question. In 2010, they reached out to a close colleague and professional stager they had been working with for years, that they were expanding and to consider joining their team as a sales agent. Kim Trouten, having already had her license and also considering real estate sales immediately agreed.

Reaching new sales goals and awards, “Andy” and “Debbie” were again looking for great team members to join and continue to grow the team. Christopher Makowski joined the team from Allen Tate’s Client Relations division where he assisted all website customer inquiries with their needs. Christopher decided to join the team to assist with client support and as an agent assistant. April Harbin joined shortly after as an experienced agent in the industry, strengthening their sales team. In 2013, Kathryn Miller, a 15 year veteran joined the team with her assistant Roxanne Slye bringing a wealth of experience to the team.

From that point, the team kept growing and morphing to best focus on every partner’s talents. The team believes a team can achieve much more than an individual agent, and their clients do as well. This philosophy has led them to where they are today. In 2018, the team consists of 19 total agents and staff – working together to bring the most value to their clients!