“Real estate is not easy. It’s not all glamour and money, it’s a lot of work… hard work.” – Vicki Ford.

After 12 years in the real estate business, Vicki Ford couldn’t imagine herself doing anything else. Vicki got her start in real estate back in 2007 when she and her husband got into the business of building homes and Vicki wanted to market and sell them herself. Since then, Vicki went on to own and eventually sell her own property management business before she joined The Bovender Team in 2015.

The Bovender Team prides itself on being a relationship driven real estate team. All of our agents pride themselves on their ability to prioritize getting to know the personalities and preferences of clients. Vicki has lived in the Fort Mill area for years, and her knowledge of the area gives her a leg up when it comes to providing the best advice to clients. Vicki describes the Bovender Team and her approach to clients as “relational” instead of “transactional”.  She noted that while most companies take a “transactional” approach, the Bovender Team stands out in its relational approach to dealing with clients. Vicki knows that a real estate transaction is an emotional journey, whether you’re a buyer or seller, and her goal is to guide her clients through the process.

Taking a step back, before Vicki was a real estate agent, she grew up where she was the youngest of eight siblings in Concord, NC. She’s now married with two boys, 15 and 10. When not practicing Real Estate, you’ll find Vicki enjoying her family; watching her sons compete at cycling events and baseball! Vicki currently lives in Baxter Village, Fort Mill, a neighborhood she fondly described as a “town within a town.” With an elementary school, shops, stores, library, town center, tennis court, and parks wrapped up into one community, Vicki says she loves the small town feeling it provides. Baxter Village has a multiplicity of residents, from young professionals to empty nesters and grandparents.

Moving into the holiday season, Vicki had some advice for clients and potential clients. Although some people choose not to list their homes during the holidays, it does not mean that the market is dead. We still have a strong real estate market, but you’ll want to capitalize on your showings by making your home as appealing as possible. Decorating for the holidays is fine because you still have to live in your home while it’s listed. She did caution to not go overboard with the decorations (don’t be the Griswolds!). Simple things such as cleaning smudges on doors and wiping down the baseboards can make a difference. You have to present your home in the best possible light, and speaking of lights… make sure all your light bulbs work!

As a young woman who got an early start in life, Vicki admitted that if she could go back in time and give her 19-year-old self a word of advice, she would say that “life is much bigger than what you see at 19.” The best piece of advice she has ever received was simply to “always be kind and honest.” Vicki brings a plethora of expertise to the table, no matter the transaction. If you are seeking a home in the Charlotte or York County areas, we strongly recommend you contact Vicki Ford. Her down to earth business style and easy to talk to charm will surely clarify why they call The Bovender Team the “relational” real estate team.