At some point in time, it happens to every homeowner. Following months of debate, procrastination, and penny pinching, you’ve finally decided to “pull the trigger”.

Perhaps you’ve determined it’s time to upgrade that kitchen with Caledonia granite and a farmhouse sink, or install that paver patio with a fire pit that HGTV claims is perfect for entertaining. Or maybe you’re ready to paint your walls that “agreeable gray color” that is “so hot right now”, or… I think you get the idea. Just fill in the blank with whatever home improvement project you’ve recently realized you can no longer live without.

Then comes the next hurdle: who is going to make this a reality? Determining the answer to that question is where we think homeowners are investing far too little thought. In today’s world of instant gratification, you turn to the internet and ask Google for its opinion.

And please don’t think we are speaking ill of Google; we love Google! How else are you going to find out how many miles the Moon is away from the Earth? It’s 238,900 miles, by the way. And, believe it or not, you can stack roughly 3.2 billion Coke cans to span that distance!! Wait a sec— what were we talking about? Oh yes, the home project (darn you Google).

So, after 10 minutes, three DIY articles, and two YouTube videos later, you are convinced you can, in fact, do this yourself. But then you realize—I’m not even remotely handy. An even more common realization is that there simply isn’t enough time in the day for such an undertaking. Who has time for this? That’s when you scroll down past the initial search results on the Google page and start arriving at referral websites like Angie’s list, Home Advisor, Yelp, etc., and you start reading reviews of different service providers. As with most online reviews, the negative ones, while entertaining, are much more common than the positive ones, and you are left wondering: is this project even worth it?

Let me propose an alternative —and I’m sure you saw it coming—TALK TO YOUR REAL ESTATE AGENT!

After all they know everyone, right? More importantly, they know the people in your area that do it the best, the fastest, and for the cheapest. Your agent, if they are good, is always in some sort of contact with these service providers. Whether it’s through using them for their personal residence, getting a seller’s house ready for the market or, even more appropriately, referring them to past clients for their home improvement project needs.

Trust me, your agent wants you to ask them about everything related to your home, because they want to stay “top of mind” with you. Knowing that, ask yourself: would my agent send me to someone who is going to do a bad job? The obvious answer is an emphatic “NO”.

Your agent wants you to have a positive association with them and their advice. So, referring a landscaper, painter, carpenter, HVAC tech, etc. is always a great opportunity for your agent to ensure you’re having a positive experience, even when you aren’t buying or selling a home with them!

These days, your agent (if they are amazing) may even have a page on their website entitled Trusted Service Providers where you can find their recommendations for every possible project AND emergency you may encounter as a homeowner! But before you call your agent’s Trusted Service Providers, just remember—give your agent a call. These service providers are extremely busy and a call from your agent may change their answer from “I’m booked for the next 3 months” to “I can be there tomorrow”!

Are you or someone you know about to embark on their next home improvement journey? Give your agent a call!

About the Author | Ben Lastra

Ben Lastra

Ben Lastra

Buyer & Listing Specialist Broker / Realtor® NC/SC

Ben’s passion for Real Estate sparked after his experiences buying and selling his own homes. After his experiences with other Realtors, he decided that he wants to be the Realtor that provides his clients with the best experience possible. Ben believes that communication is one of the most vital components to a successful real estate experience. He feels his job is to be available to answer his client’s questions, concerns, and ensure that their voice is heard.
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