Meet Hugh

Hugh grew up in Manassas, Virginia. His father was an engineer and purveyor of bad jokes and his mother worked in the school system and taught him manners, how to dance, and how to have a calm backup plan for when one burns the family dinner.

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Hugh Kimbel

He attended Virginia Tech with the intention of playing baseball; however, his love of a good backup plan almost immediately came into play when his shoulder and overall skillset encouraged him to redirect his energies to academics. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Psychology with minors in English and Business.

After college, Hugh moved to Charleston, SC. For the next 10 years, he rose through the ranks at the renowned restaurant Halls Chophouse, from busboy, to server, to bartender, and finally to the General Manager of the then 28th highest-grossing restaurant in the country.

But then he met a girl he couldn’t live without and decided to move to Charlotte, finding a new career and passion in real estate after meeting Andy Bovender and the team. Taking people through the process of buying a home resonated with him because of its similarity to the hospitality industry in that he is constantly asking clients for their ideal scenario and then doing whatever it takes to make that a reality.