5 Things Your Buyers Agent Should Be Doing

Finally, the time has come. You are ready to build that dream home you’ve always wanted.  The mere thought and anticipation of literally building it from the dirt to completion is truly exciting.  However, this lengthy process can be extremely challenging going it alone without the representation of a Realtor.   In a perfect world, the buyer and builder share the same best interests at the end of the day. Acquiring the services of an experienced buyer’s agent to represent you throughout the construction process will not only be extremely educational and informative, it will also make the entire situation much more enjoyable and stress free for you and your family. Let’s talk about what a buyer’s agent is and the advantage of having one represent you in the new construction process.

A buyers agent is your eyes and ears.
Like the captain of a ship, your agent should steer you in the right direction the entire voyage.  Beginning with the initial consultation, the buyer’s agent should assess your wants and desires and chart a proper course of direction. Your agent will help identify the pros and cons of floor plans, help you visualize what the home will look like, devise creative approaches negotiating upgrades and represent you at inspections throughout the building process.

A buyers agent knows the players.
We’ve all heard the expression “it’s not what you know, but who you know” and this holds true in the construction business as well. Both the builder and Realtors speak a lot of the same language and many have already developed a rapport with each other through prior transactions. An agent can walk the lot and ask the builder or onsite agent critical questions such as placement, where the driveway will be, etc. These established relationships will often benefit the buyer during the negotiation stage.

A buyers agent is a planner.
Every site purchase is unique and rarely ever the same. Your agent already acknowledges this and anticipates any unexpected turns along the way.  For example, in our perfect world, your mortgage approval for new construction goes through with no problem. However, that is not always the case, and if there is a snag with your financing your agent can offer advice and alternative avenues to help keep the construction of your dream home alive.

A buyers agent is your bodyguard.
Well, in a sense. You’ve finally found that perfect homesite, builder, and it’s in your budget!  Now it’s time to write the contract that makes it all official. These documents are very lengthy and complex and typically favor the builder. Your agent not only understands and interprets the contract for you, but will also identify potential red flags that you would otherwise be unaware of – such as who is paying Revenue Stamps, how do various contingencies work, and is there an advantage to use the builders preferred lender and attorney.  An agent will know what to ask the builder in regards to the warranty.

A buyers agent represents you.
Using an agent is at no cost to the buyer. Generally speaking, the Realtor fee is already built in to a marketing fee for most builders. So the builder won’t treat or deal with you any differently without a Realtor. Remember, the onsite agent represents the builder and their best interests during the entire process. Be leery of a builder who denies you having representation. Your agent is the main line of defense between you and the builder, protecting your interest all along the way. Your agent will guide you from contract to close with inspections, attending walk throughs, getting information to the attorney, etc.  Your buyers agent is also an extra pair of eyes on your final walk.

So, what are you waiting for?  Call an experienced Realtor today!

About the Author | Debbie Hooker

Debbie Hooker

Debbie Hooker

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Debbie is originally from Danville, Indiana and attended Taylor University in Upland, Indiana. She and her family relocated to Charlotte in 1997 and moved to Baxter Village in Fort Mill, SC in 2005. Debbie and her husband have two sons who both attended the Charlotte and Fort Mill school systems. Debbie is a cluster representative and voting member on the Baxter Village Neighborhood Association.
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